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The Rockford Education Association represents over 430 educators who work for the Rockford Public Schools. The REA is affiliated with the Michigan Education Association and the National Education Association.

As an organization dedicated to the principles of representative democracy, each building in the Rockford Public Schools District is entitled to one representative for its first 15 members and an additional rep for each 10 members above 15 to serve as a Building Representative. It is the duty of each representative to serve their building’s members as a confidant and advisor in labor-related issues, a liaison between the members they represent and the administration, and as a voting member of the REA Executive Council.

The Executive Council meets on the 2nd Tuesday of each month, and it is there that the business of the Association is conducted on behalf of the members. It is often the REA building representatives who are most “in the know” about what is taking place behind the scenes in the district. The building rep is expected to hold brief meetings either in person or via e-mail to keep members informed and answer any questions they may have. As such, basic questions or concerns should always be brought first to the building representative.

In addition, the REA has an Executive Board elected by the membership to assist in making Association decisions. The Association President, Suzy Clements, is available at and RHS ext. 7347.

A Message From Suzy Clements - Rockford Education Association President

I am happy to welcome you to the Rockford Education Association website. I have been President since 2011 and am thrilled to be working with my members as we navigate through these difficult times.

I truly believe there is strength in numbers. With union representation, members have a personal advocate and a team fighting for better working conditions, fair compensation, and increased job security.

I also believe that unions created the middle class. This belief is backed up by numbers. Employees in unionized states earn 7.8% more than their counterparts in right-to-work states. (Economic Policy Institute). Though our Michigan legislature has imposed Right-To-Work on our state, I still believe that we can maintain our standard of living while keeping education strong in Rockford if we continue to work together.

It is the team aspect of the union that I embrace most fully. As President it is my job to take concerns, ideas, thoughts, and questions to our administration. When we speak with one voice we are heard more clearly and forcefully. Plus, our team has building reps keeping us informed, a secretary keeping things organized, a treasurer and member coordinator making sure our money is well-spent and everyone is counted, and a vice president putting together a team at the bargaining table.

I am proud to be a part of this team and I look forward to a future building community support for public education, improving the compensation and working environment of our members, maintaining and celebrating Rockford’s outstanding educational system, and making certain we continue to communicate with conviction, compassion, and clarity.

Best wishes,
Ms. Suzy Clements
REA President